Video: Graham talks about Tuesday session

Todd Graham 3/19/2013 from Chris Karpman on Vimeo.
Arizona State coach Todd Graham gave his thoughts about Tuesday's opening spring football practice following the session.
Some of this comments:
On how the day went:
"We work harder than any other team on the field. Obviously we've got a year under our belt and we have a fantastic attitude. What I like is some of our best players -- I'm looking to see how Will Sutton runs on and off the field, how Carl Bradford runs, Alden Darby, Taylor Kelly, Marion Grice. And wow Marion and D.J.(Foster) looked good today, really really impressive. You know dropped a couple balls, didn't like that today."
"We had a little above average season, we just hung in there. We've got to win six more ball games to win fourteen games, win five more conference games to win the conference championship. We've got to win six games to win the Rose Bowl, we have to win five more conference games and one more win, to win the Rose Bowl. That's what I want them to understand."
On new defensive line coach Jackie Shipp and having a year under their belt as a program and how that shows in practice:
"One thing that stuck out to me today is we are so fortunate to have Jackie Shipp. Jackie will help us tremendously, I really liked that chemistry today. On the offensive side of the ball we've got some coaches confident with the no huddle, they understand our system. I liked the continuity. Our kids understand. There were some situations today that wasn't really on the install we called some defenses or called some offenses and the kids knew what they were doing. It's all about surrendering to the team every day and getting better. Football is a developmental sport, every play you have to be getting better because the margin of error is so small. So that's our focus and I'm pleased with how practice went."