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Stanford OL Henry Hattis commits to ASU as a grad transfer

Stanford offensive lineman Henry Hattis announced today that he has committed to Arizona State and will play here as a grad transfer. Upon earning his degree at Stanford in June Hattis will join the sun Devils, has one year of eligibility left

Devils Digest talked to him in late December about the recruiting process with the Sun Devils and would be some of the aspects that would compel him to join the team. Here's our Q&A from that was originally published in our premium message board.

Stanford offensive lineman Henry Hattis, who entered the transfer portal earlier in December, visited ASU right before the dead period began We reported at the time that we saw the Sun Devils in the driver's seat for his services and his comments below reflect that.

Devils Digest: Arizona State has been one of the schools that has been contacting you ever since you got into the transfer portal. Where are you at right now with the Sun Devils as far as the recruiting process?

Henry Hattis: “Well, I really like ASU right now. The only school I've got visited (right before the dead period began the weekend of the 13th) so far since being in the portal. Met all the coaches. Coach (Dave Christensen), Coach (Kevin) Mawae, Coach Herm (Edwards). They're all very friendly, very welcoming. And I really like what they have going on down there.”

Devils Digest: You were recruited by Arizona State right out of high school a few years ago. Did you visit Arizona State back then?

Henry Hattis: “I took an unofficial back when I was like a sophomore, I believe or a junior. But I never took an official visit. The biggest difference (from the previous visit) was the coaching staff. I think having Coach Herm…they got a lot of great stuff going on. Especially with the with the NFL staff he's building up and the program changes he's making there are really, really special. I'm excited to see what they can do and excited to see what they do in the Sun Bowl actually as well.”

Devils Digest: What did the offensive coaches think about your skills? What do you think you could bring to the table if he decided to come to ASU?

Henry Hattis: “Well, the plan for me was to bring me in along with Kellen Diesch, the transfer from Texas A&M. Coach (Christensen’s) plan is to have Kellen play left tackle and me to step in and play left guard next to him with some experience with the line being so young coming back next year.” I think the biggest thing is that they like with me is my experience and some senior leadership. Coach said he loved my film, loved the way I moved my feet and the way I’m able to defend my hands and drive on blocks and stay fit on pass protection. But I think their biggest thing at this point is getting leadership and game experience on that left side.”

Devils Digest: You were injured week six against Washington. How many games did you end up missing this season?

Henry Hattis: “So I missed the rest of the season after that which is unfortunate. It was a lower leg injury but recovery is going great. And I would be good to go by spring ball, but if I do end up going to Arizona State, I won't be able to participate because I do not graduate until June. So, I’d be able to start in the Summer.”

Devils Digest: Arizona State really talks about the NFL model. I have to think for someone like yourself, having one more year to play. That must appeal even more as you think about your immediate future…

Henry Hattis: “Oh, definitely. My long-term goal is to try and make it to the NFL. When I have the Stanford degree behind me as an undergrad, I’m looking for the best football program and Herm Edwards with all the NFL experience he has. The program that he's building right now I think is a very strong starting ground to making it to the NFL and the experience he has there it’s just unmatched.”

Devils Digest: The fact that you got recruited by Arizona State out of high school…Does that help the recruiting process right now with the Sun Devils because I know it's a different staff but you still have some kind of familiarity with the program?

Henry Hattis: “Definitely. A lot of the recruiting coordinators from when I was in high school are still there. So, I still have some relationships with some of those guys. And one of the biggest things actually for getting me on Arizona State was an old teammate of mine, Casey Tucker who was a grad transfer from Stanford as well. “As soon as Casey heard I was entering the portal, he told me right away…he said ASU would be the best spot for me to go. And I trust him. I trust him wholeheartedly. He's one of my good friends. And I know he wouldn't lead me astray. But he told me that if I was trying to make it to the NFL and had those goals and aspirations that ASU is one of the best places in the country to do that.”

Devils Digest: Does playing closer to home play a factor in your decision?

Henry Hattis: “Oh, definitely. It's not too high up on my priorities list. But it would be very nice to have my family come out and be a lot easier for them to make a six-hour drive instead of an 18-hour drive up to Palo Alto. Having some friends and family come out there would be nice too.”

Devils Digest: What was your perception of Arizona State when you were playing at Stanford?

Henry Hattis: “Early in my career obviously they were having…coaching issues where they had the transition to coach Herm Edwards. When we played them early on…they were not doing so well. So, I didn't, I wasn't too concerned but now with Herm Edwards and the success they've had recently, especially beating Oregon. It really sparked my interest in the potential they have. I know Herm has a good ability to get good recruits. So that's exciting to know that he's going to be building a strong program.”

Devils Digest: The fact that you coming into a pretty young offensive line, does that appeal to you maybe from a leadership standpoint…you can show those young guys the way?

Henry Hattis: “I think it’s always a good position to be in a leadership role, wherever you are. But I met all the guys on my official visit, they're all great guys. And I think they're all hungry to get better. I think that's just the culture you want to be around when you’re trying to make it to the next level and win championships.”

Devils Digest: Was there one thing about the visit that really blew you away?

Henry Hattis: “Nothing I wasn't expecting but I definitely was most impressed by the professionalism and the experience of the coaches…I think that's kind of what really got me interested in Arizona State in the first place they definitely didn’t disappoint and just knowing that I’d be able to work with those kind of guys is very exciting.”

Devils Digest: What other programs are you seriously looking at besides ASU?

Henry Hattis: “I wouldn't say I'm seriously looking at anyone right now. I'm trying to try to plan some visits obviously it’s still kind of early since I’ve entered the transfer portal...I entered the portal is to find the best program for me and my future. I've been contacted by some East Coast schools…Missouri has been kind of contacting me more recently along with Florida State, Miami. Those have been the main schools and a lot of small D IIs and small D I schools have been contacting me as well but I’m trying to look for probably a little more prominent of a program and I think ASU really fits that bill.”

Devils Digest: Any other Pac 12 programs besides Arizona State have been contacting you?

Henry Hattis: “Not really in the Pac-12. I know Cal has hit me up a little bit but I think that would be a bad move coming from Stanford, especially with the connections I have at Stanford…I’m not leaving Stanford on any negative basis. There’s nothing wrong with the program or the coaches. I'm just looking for the best program for me and my future…Obviously I don’t mind going somewhere in the Pac-12. I think Arizona State would be a great fit for me. But I’m also just trying to see all my options at this point.

Devils Digest: What are some of the aspects you are going to look at really closely before you make that important decision?

Henry Hattis: “I don't know if there's any specific thing that I’m going to look at. I’m going to evaluate the whole program and get to know the coaches and where I’ll be and what kind of fit I will have on the team. Obviously, I’m not looking to hear somebody tell me I’m going to have a guaranteed spot. I’m going to come and work and earn a spot wherever I go. But I would like to know the circumstances. I’ve obviously talked to my parents (who were on the ASU visit) and find out what the best overall fit for me will be.”

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