Recruits shown renderings of Stadium remodel

In the last week, three recruits and the parents of several recruits have told they have seen renderings of Arizona State's planned renovation of Sun Devil Stadium.
The plans, which are expected to be released to the public at some point this month according to a source directly familiar with the stadium overhaul project, include an open air design that has a shading system made of fabric that will cover the playing surface and seating areas, recruits said.
"They have brought it up and showed us the pictures and everything," said Colorado offensive lineman Dan Skipper, who visited ASU Thursday. "I like the mesh top they are going to have to give it more of a dome feel. It looks good but other than that it's still a football stadium, you've still got to play on a 120 yard field."
The father of one local prominent recruit, who spoken on the condition he not be named because he was asked not to speak about the stadium plans, said the facility will have a look unlike any other he's seen in person or on television that hosts college football.
"It's very modern looking," he said. "It's not like anything you've seen or even would imagine seeing as far as for college football. Outside the stadium there is the support structure that holds the top in place, so there is shade over pretty much everything but it's still open (air). I really liked it just based on what they showed us and think it'll be cooler but also be louder even though they are going to take the seating down some."
Recruits and their families said they are being told that it is likely they will play in the stadium before the end of their careers should they sign with ASU.
ASU is expected to start construction on the facility remodel as soon as early next year with a phased in approach said the source familiar with the plan. The entire project may take as much as five years to complete and the Sun Devils are likely to play in the venue throughout all or most of the work with a reduced capacity likely for at least several seasons. There remains the possibility ASU will have to play one season elsewhere in the Valley.
Once complete, the stadium, which will cost in excess of $300 million at a minimum, the source said, will seat approximately 60,000 fans, give or take depending on seating configuration, which hasn't been finalized.
New Arizona State Vice President for Athletics Steve Patterson, who assumed the position last week after the school fired Lisa Love, has been working on stadium funding plans since he was hired at Chief Operating Officer of Sun Devil Athletics nine months ago.