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Bailey discusses Sun Devil pledge

Arizona State landed its second in-state commitment in the 2014 class Tuesday when Gilbert Higley High offensive tackle Quinn Bailey let coaches know of his decision.
Bailey, 6-foot-5, 285 pounds, returned from an official visit to Oregon last weekend and knew within 48 hours that he wanted to play for the Sun Devils.
"I really enjoyed the Oregon trip, the coaches were really good and I got along with the players but I like the coaches even more at ASU and felt like it's a better fit for me with the program," Bailey said. "I'm really excited about it and think we're going to be really good for years to come and it's very going to be a lot of fun."
Bailey is coached by former ASU player and graduate assistant Eddy Zubey, the head coach and Higley, and offensive line coach Jon Hargis, who also played for the Sun Devils.
"He's a lead by example type and I would classify him as a great athlete for a big man,' Zubey said. "He's very nasty, loves to finish, loves to play to the whistle. In a basketball game last year he scored 42 points and had 19 rebounds. He's put on weight. His junior year he was about 255 pounds and this year he was a steady 280 and didn't lose any of his quickness or explosiveness. He has broad shoulders, a great frame. He can put on more weight and definitely develop and get more muscular.
"He is the best lineman prospect for sure that I've coached. Off the field he's a tireless worker. He loves the weight room. He loves to learn about football and techniques and he's not really a rah rah guy, just a lead by example guy."
Hargis said that Bailey, who also had offers from Arizona, BYU, Oregon and Washington, among others, is at least 6-foot-5 with a great frame and the disposition to be a quality offensive tackle in the Pac-12.
"He's very coachable and kind of has a mean side to him which is what you want from an offensive lineman," Hargis said. "If you haven't met him you'd think he was quiet and you wouldn't know he was a football player other than his size but he's also a guy who will work and give you everything he has and wants to be the best he can, and he likes to play physical.
"I think he can get up to about 315 pounds and keep his athleticism. He is a skinny 285 pounds you could say."
Bailey played left tackle as a sophomore and junior but moved over to right tackle as a senior with a left handed quarterback starting for Higley and he said it was a smoother than anticipation transition.
"I thought I was going to be more comfortable with the left but after playing right this year it was better than I thought it would be so I'm fine with both," Bailey said. "It felt fine with practice.
"Coach Hargis really helped me with my technique and my pass pro so that's really helped. Also my core strength and footwork, which has helped a lot, and hand placement and leverage. He also helped me mentally, got me prepared for what it's going to be like in college, so I think I have an edge with that."
Hargis said that Bailey has made significant progress technically in addition to gaining more than 30 pounds over the last year.
"He's night and day," Zubey said. "I really only worked with him one year but kind of taught him more the technical side of the next level. You can't just rely on size, you have to use technique, pad level and your hands. He's really grasped the kick steps and run blocking and understanding how to have a proper base and use your hands. He's grown a lot in the last year from coaching him."
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