Arizona High School Football Commitment: Ben Muth

The Stanford Cardinal today got another top offensive lineman from the state of Arizona. Last year the Cardinal snagged Phoenix Centennial's Mikal Brewer from the Grand Canyon state this year they snagged Benjamin Muth of Pinnacle high school in Phoenix. Muth is a 6-foot-5 280-pound offensive line prospect who is rated as the number five prospect in the state of Arizona for 2004.
"I visited a decent amount of schools and when it got down to the decision I took into account their program, they play in the Pac-10 they went to the Rose Bowl two years ago and they have a solid athletic program. Academically they are the best in the nation and I toured their campus and it was awesome everything seemed perfect for me and I am happy to be there." stated Muth.
Muth was being targetted by ASU, Oregon, Northwestern and BYU to name a few schools. He is a three year starter and the varsity level and well embark upon his senior season with the certain goals in mind.

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"The biggest thing is I want to make the playoffs thats number one. I want to make All-State."
So what does Muth feel he has to do to accomplish these goals he has set forth for himself?
"I just gotta make sure I keep my head in the game at all time and give it my all out there work on leadership and getting involved and make sure everybody is playing their best." stated Muth.
Muth was a second team All-Region selection his junior year and is all ready familiar with one of Stanford's top recruits from 2003.
"Mikal Brewer was probably the best player I went up against in a one on one situation."
So what factor if any did Brewer have in recruiting Muth?
"I never really talked to him and he never recruited me but it was good to see someone from my region someone I went against there and it showed me the type of players that end up at Stanford.
Muth is one of those rare combinations of outstanding talent on the field and in the classroom. It is easy to see with that combination why he chose to go to Stanford. Muth will go along way in helping the Cardinal rebuild their program to what it was just two short years ago